Afloat but abstinent

I feel a bit afloat today. Last week I lost my sponsor and I have since been committing my food to other qualified persons, having now found someone who is willing to take my food every day on a temporary basis until I have found a new sponsor – this helps because it means I don’t have to call around several people until I reach someone who can take my food just for today. What is REALLY irking me is that this is the second day I have missed my call to this generous temp sponsor… I used to call my food in around mid-day and now it’s in the morning and I have forgotten until the time had passed, twice now. This doesn’t reflect AT ALL how important abstinence is to me – it’s the most important thing, so I cannot understand how I could possibly have missed the calls. All I can think is that in the morning I work on routine, on autopilot, and that’s how that happened. Argh.

I hope to find a sponsor soon. The GS community here is lovely, but small; plus, I will likely move to Dallas, TX within the next year or so (will know more by the end of November) and ideally I’d like to find a sponsor to work with long-term… hence, someone in the States, better yet, in TX. Or perhaps not – I’m praying that HP will show me the right person to approach, I’ve sent out a number of emails but no positive responses yet.

In any case – I would like this to be a positive pitch about GS abstinence. The fact is, I am still abstinent even in between sponsors; I love the fact that there is a community almost anywhere I go, and if I didn’t have abstinence I would not be facing the exciting opportunity to move to the States again. I’d be hiding in my house eating in secret shame. So, I’m incredibly grateful for this fellowship and the Greysheet.


3 responses to “Afloat but abstinent

  1. I don’t know if this blog is still going- it seems that it may have ended in 2010. I have envied people like you who can embrace this program. It seems to give such peace to those who can survive the uncomfortable feelings of change that are most challenging in the beginning.
    I don’t know that I could do it without being hospitalized for a while.
    I am fascinated by the idea of absolute freedom.
    So I will check in from time to time to see if you are still on this path.


    • singlemindedly

      Hi! This blog is now a record of the past… it’s no longer being updated because I’m no longer in this, or any other, programme. I’ve been amazingly set free – without even asking for it. But I’m leaving the blog here as a reminder and hopefully an encouragement to others. All the best to you.

  2. hehe…aur suna tere wahan kaisa chal raha hai…long time you have posted something ?? Click

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