The daily tools

I’m struggling with using the daily tools we are told to use in the programme. I had a great conversation yesterday with a fellow GS’er who related to that, and we have decided to have a daily phone call at the same time each day, to connect, to reach out. I find it hard to pick up the phone to three people each day. What do I say to them? I find it hard to make it to phone meetings because in UK time they are either during working hours or at 10pm, at which time I would normally be about to get to bed.

I find it less hard to write to Greynet, thank goodness for this invaluable tool. I love going to live meetings but the only one I have nearby is in London on a Saturday morning and sometimes I have to work at this time. When I can, I go.

Can anybody relate? I want to stay in the “middle of the herd” but I’m beginning to feel that familiar resistance to all this “extracurricular work” I need to do in addition to committing, weighing and measuring my food. I want to work a strong programme, but I also want to live a full life in the world I’m in. Would appreciate your thoughts if you have any wisdom, experience and hope to share.


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