Day 91, thank God

I’ll have to keep this brief because I’m in an Internet cafe in Vienna as I write this – but I need to write in to say that I have celebrated 90 days abstinent yesterday. I’m in Austria, visiting the family, and I’ve already faced a few challenges! Most notably, I had to use my cooked veg backup the day I arrived and the next day, being a Sunday, nothing was open (I mean, NOTHING) and I was worried. We went out for lunch and I ordered so many cooked vegetables they thought I was mad: but it meant I had enough for dinner, and the problem was solved. And I have learned to take more backup in the future. 😉

It’s wonderful to be here and be abstinent. I can feel the difference: last year when I was here, I felt heavy, unable to move much, weighed down and full all the time. I was crazy in the food, stealing it from the people I was staying with, buying it everywhere, eating in secret and quickly. I don’t have to do that today.

So I just wanted to thank you guys, the fellowship, for taking me back after my relapse and welcoming me the way you did. And I have a wonderful, brilliant, committed sponsor to thank too – NMW


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