Day 63, planning and protecting

Life is hectic at the moment. These coming weeks will be super hectic and I have to get myself together to plan and prepare, so as to protect my abstinence. I have two weeks of exhibition work ahead (meaning I will be staying in B&B’s away from home and working odd, long hours) and one week of vacation in Austria with the family. I’m not worried that I can’t stay abstinent, but I am very aware of my need to be prepared. I will need to know where the supermarkets are near exhibitions; I will need to have enough tupperware to make and transport my food; take backup; mustn’t forget the scale…

All this is necessary because I have to protect my abstinence so I get to have a life. I will miss out on several weeks of live meetings – next Saturday I’m in Conwy, Wales; the weekend after in Bath, Somerset; and the weekend after in Lincoln. Then off to Austria for another two Saturdays. So I’ve got to make sure I attend phone meetings and make outreach calls – having planned those in advance, too.

Above all, I don’t eat no matter what… I can’t say I look forward to several weeks of substandard food, but hey, better meals are coming when I get a chance.


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