Day 34, serenity anyway

I had a string of misfortunes today. It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday here and I decided to cycle to church rather than drive. I have just got this new bike and have never tried the footpaths to go to church – but I do have a rambler’s map. So off I went this morning, through fields and footpaths (and nettles) and ended up losing a screw on my bike. Also, the footpaths on my map are obviously meant for ramblers, not for cyclists: totally overgrown, often near impossible to pass with a bike… so when that screw came off I decided it wasn’t going to work, and headed back towards town – on roads. In town I went to the bike shop where I got it and they fixed it for free.

Upon going into the bike shop I tried to switch glasses (I have prescription sunglasses) and a screw was off on my regular glasses, so one arm fell off. Luckily I was already in town, so was able to go to the opticians where I got my glasses and they fixed them, for free again.

All of this is to say: this is what happened between breakfast and lunch. It certainly was inconvenient. I wasn’t happy these things happened but they never disturbed my inner peace. No anxiety… just doing the next right thing. After all that, I went back home and enjoyed a beautiful, committed lunch.


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