Day 22, checking in after the weekend

I haven’t been sharing on here every day. A few days ago my sponsor told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to make it to a meeting per day, and I have been doing that through the phone meetings. And I make a lot more outreach calls than I ever have done. I read the Greynet but it’s not the only thing I have as a tool now.

The weekend I had in Brighton was interesting. I went to a conference where I knew nobody. This sort of thing isn’t terrifying for me, being single it is the norm really… but that is not to say it isn’t uncomfortable at times. It was an interesting time, I met two people with who I had good conversations, I stayed at a beautiful place and all in all the weekend was good. I’m not a wallflower but equally I’m not a social butterfly so I do not find it easy to start up conversations with strangers, especially strangers in groups. But there is something to be said for consciously taking myself out of my comfort zone.

Food wise, I had everything with me, pre-weighed and packed. Kept it in the fridge at the place where I stayed and at the conference packed lunches were what everyone did; the one dinner together I chose not to eat in the dining hall (which was way too hot and crowded anyway) but enjoyed my meal on my own in the sun, on the grass, with a book.

At the conference somebody mentioned AA conventions and it got me thinking, coming back now I have googled it and found one in my area in September… and am seriously thinking of going. Another step away from comfort, I find AA very uncomfortable (as I have never even been drunk) yet they do have what I need.


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