Day 18, gratitude today

Today I feel so grateful. I have so many things to be grateful for…

  • 18 days of recovery.
  • The craving / urge for a cigarette has been nearly removed, I’m feeling much better now.
  • A sponsor who doesn’t take nonsense, and who holds me very much to account about reaching out to other GS’ers and getting to meetings.
  • A meeting with a friend yesterday where I was able to say I was back on GS, and her reaction: “Great!” – genuinely happy for me because she knows it’s what works.
  • A GS friend’s phone call at my work, having a good conversation strengthening my abstinence and connecting with another GS’er.
  • Beautiful sunshine and the temperature just right – not too warm, not too cool.
  • The fact that there are live AA meetings in my town and I will go to one of them next Friday. That’s a commitment.
  • The many engagements I have in my dairy – I have friends and interests and that makes me feel loved and needed.
  • My job which I love and where I get to work with people I genuinely like towards a very good cause.
  • I’m off to Brighton after work today to a weekend conference I very much look forward to.
  • That I have all my meals for the weekend weighed & measured and packed.
  • That people at the conference are expected to bring their own lunch, so I won’t stick out like a sore thumb for bringing mine.

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