Day 15, planning ahead

I have just had a look at my diary. Lots of things coming up…

  • work travel with overnight stays,
  • a weekend event in Brighton this weekend (with 2 nights’ B&B stay),
  • a family member’s visit with a night’s B&B stay in Bournemouth,
  • a weekend retreat (two nights away),
  • several week-long work events away from home,
  • a one-week holiday to visit family in Austria…

This is all between today (end of June) and September!  It’s a crash course in getting back to planning, as there’s no question – I need to plan ahead. I can no longer free-wheel it into situations and hope for the best – if I don’t plan, the best will never happen!  Funny how I used to be so used to planning I didn’t even think about it much.  Now, with almost a year’s absence from abstinence (pardon the pun, I had to!) it’s a conscious effort and really not all that easy.  It’s awkward.  In the past I used to be thin and protecting my abstinence felt like an honourable thing to do.  Now I’m fat and showing my scale in public or dealing with people about my food – as I will have to do in B&B’s – feels awkward and I’m self-conscious.

So for this weekend in Brighton, I need to shop for and take along food. It’s more important than making sure I have my toothbrush packed. To be honest I really don’t want to have to deal with this, it makes everything I want to do extra complicated, but what is the alternative? I’m not actually tempted to not do it, I’m just whining because at the end of the day, this is the easier way for me!


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