Day 14, taking it seriously

I did a quick calculation today – even at a good rate of loss, it will take me at least 10 months until I am back in a normal-sized body. It truly is just a rented body, given courtesy of GS abstinence.

On a different note, I have made a decision to stay away from dietary advice in any form. I will not read blogs about it, or books, and I will avoid those articles in magazines. The problem is, all these diets make very good sense… and I’m sure they work. There are many success stories. I’m just not one of them! I have found that the only thing that works for me is Greysheet – my experience is much more valid to me than thought constructs about nutritional concepts. So many things make sense, but only Greysheet has consistently worked for me.

I take Greysheet seriously and that means I can’t tweak it, like I would always tweak diets. I can’t “slip” or “slide”. As opposed to diets, boundaries aren’t soft and bendable: they are rigid, black and white, right and wrong. I need this kind of approach because if I’m offered a finger I will always take the hand when it comes to food! If I can have just a little bit of ABC, I will have all of it! I cannot have that. With Greysheet I don’t have to think about it: if it’s on the sheet, I can have it – and that means ANYTHING that is on it is within boundaries. I have learned one thing: I will not restrict what I can choose from the Greysheet any more than I will expand my choices beyond the Greysheet. It just doesn’t work for me like that.


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