The unexciting life

Somebody recently shared the saying, “carry water – chop wood”, meaning that we continue to do the boring stuff of life, that we can’t stop doing the basics. I’d never heard the phrase before but it got me thinking. I tend to expect some sort of excitement even from the most basic of tasks… or I’ll get bored… perhaps part of that leads back to the food, too. Even if I was satisfied with my diet of the week I kept tweaking it – why? To get more enjoyment… to speed up the weight loss… because I could…

Today I obviously don’t have a diet to tweak. In fact, in what I believe is a gift from God, I have been given such contentment with my food and the ability to take off the expectation of constant new thrills from food that I am perfectly content with eating the same thing over and over again, simply because I like it. But the issue hasn’t gone away, its focus has simply shifted.

I think it’s hedonism, for me personally. Sure, it’s in most people and the marketers play on it (otherwise, why would anyone ever use a different shampoo once they found one they like? It’s the need for a change, just for the sake of change). But in my case I believe that hedonism ran riot with the food and I can still be unreasonably looking for change without need. There’s another saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and I really need to learn that.

I really think I’m over the top with this sometimes… I got bored with brushing my teeth, so I bought an electric toothbrush. I get bored with the products I use on my body (toiletries) so I keep looking for different / better ones. Heck, I even get bored with showering but there’s no way out. 😉 I get bored with my commute and take different routes. I get bored with my desk setup and rearrange my stuff. Same for my room at home. I get bored with coffee and switch to tea, then back. I thrive on routine and I know it, yet at the same time I feel this need to break out of it and tweak it in some little ways until I end up with something unworkable and impractical!

Not sure why that is. Perhaps sustained abstinence over the long term will give me more clarity on that and it will work itself out. Right now I just thank God that the food is not the focus in this particular obsessive issue any more.


One response to “The unexciting life

  1. Wow, I could have written this! I have always wondered if I was the only person who felt this way. I expect there to be excitement in everything, I really do. What is this? Why are we like this?

    I get bored so easily and I am constantly searching for something different – a different job, different foods, different clothes, different shampoo, different lotion, a different office arrangement, a more exciting route to work, for….something!

    I fear that I am never going to be satisfied with carrying water and chopping wood. How do you get to contentment?

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