People “out there” who need Greysheet

I have a coworker who is severely obese. She is constantly on various diets (I have worked here for over 2 years and she always has been dieting). I have shared aspects of my story with her, she knows what I do with my food and I’ve been honest with her as to why I do it. She has said that she eats “desperately” too, and that she honestly thinks she has a problem with food. I don’t push, of course – but I’d give her any support if she reached out to me.

Recently she has found a new diet, which is liquid only. She hasn’t eaten in weeks, on this diet she is paying incredible amounts of money for some liquids that she has to take in. The weight is absolutely falling off her, and she’s ecstatic. Now she’s selling all her “fat clothes”.

My heart breaks… of course I wish and hope and pray that this will work for her, but I have no faith that it will. The most disheartening, painful, hurtful thing that could happen to her is to regain the weight… the desperate struggle to hold on to the thin clothes, unrealistic as that is… I’ve been through all that. My heart goes out to her but I know there is nothing I can do. I watch, and pray for her – first that it works, and second that if it doesn’t, she may know that support is at hand if she only asks.

We can’t help anybody outside of programme unless they want it. As they say, Greysheet isn’t for those who need it but for those who want it. But sometimes it’s painful to watch, to know I have the solution and I am happy and healthy and the wonderful food I eat, as I watch my coworkers (not just her) eat the equivalent of cardboard, desperately keep trying new things, even as their waistlines grow…. *sigh*

But as for me, the best thing I can do for them right now is not to eat, NMW.


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