Writing Group Topic: Choose – brain or computer?

I thoroughly enjoyed it! Mind you, I’m taking Paul’s stance as tongue-in-cheek of course. But he makes some very valid points.

First of all, let me say… I have an Apple computer so I don’t usually experience the slowness, problems, and general annoyance that is Microsoft. Hence, I’m comparing my brain to a higher standard here.

To be serious, though: I love the distinction between brain and mind. My brain is faultless, thanks very much, I’d be in big trouble if it wasn’t! Its only downside is the physical reaction to sugar, which slows it down radically. I remember well the fog and inability to think clearly after binges. It’s my mind that’s faulty. I guess you could draw a comparison to hardware and software. My hardware (brain) is fine; my software (mind) isn’t entirely so.

That said, both are working faultlessly these days – there are just certain processes I mustn’t attempt. Like, introducing sugars: big blue screen. Or living in my head, becoming introspective, overanalysing things: those don’t cause a full-on crash, but they slow down the system dramatically and could well lead to freezing and, eventually, crash.

  • on not being able to switch off: I’m not one to lay awake at night with worry. Sometimes I do wake up in the night and then it’s hard to get back to sleep, but it’s not usually with worry – more a physical thing, my body just not wanting to sleep any more, and then I have to find something to think about because otherwise I’ll get bored stupid. I often fantasise about food – my next day’s meals! hehehe…
  • on growing the things I focus on: that’s definitely true, as I shared last week – responsibility for my thoughts. The things I focus on definitely grow. But that isn’t so much about gratitude… I think gratitude, a positive outlook on life, is simply a gift I have had from childhood on. It’s just in my nature. There are two ways of looking at my life, I suppose –
    1) I’m single (boo hoo), I make next to no money, I don’t have my own place, I live in rainy England, I’m far away from my family… or
    2) I’m single (woo hoo!), free, working in a job I love and enjoy and where I make a difference, I live rent-free paying only bills, I have wonderful friends around me who care, it’s Spring, it’s warm and sunny, …
    – I could go on and on there, whereas I actually struggled to put items under 1). That’s just the way I’m wired.
  • on the idea of “rewind”: sure there are times where I desperately wish I could rewind and try again. I tend to be very frank and say what I mean, which can be unkind… I talk too much and listen too little… these are the things that occur to me after situations and I wish then that I could go back and do it over. But honestly: do I really want that? Not really – I’m way too perfectionist and I’d never get it right, anyway! Besides, I’m learning to like my own little quirks and rather than berate myself for them, I look back and think, “well next time I’ll remember not to… (whatever)”. The beauty of it is that there’s always another chance, and if for some reason there isn’t, then I have a God in whose hands I can leave the whole thing.

When it comes to choosing brain or computer, I’m with you all: I’ll stick with the brain, please! I compliment it to the best of my ability by using computers and the like – my filofax is referred to as my outside brain, because I would be totally lost without it. To-do’s on certain days, along with the hard landscape of appointments etc., is all in there. And Outlook keeps me on task, I put the things I need to do in there and it pops up to tell me what I should be working on. I’m a half-cyborg in that way, half of all I do is down to the computer and only the other half is down to my brain. But the brain’s the pilot!


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