Living calmly and efficiently

I had an interesting experience a few weeks ago, my boss asked me to come to a meeting with a VIP: a lunch meeting. This person is highly important to our entire organization, and the Directors are very, very careful in their relationship with him. So the fact that my boss wanted me to come was a huge show of trust. But of course, a lunch meeting! I asked my boss how he would like me to handle this – giving him the choice, i.e. I could eat before, or after, or bring my own, or try to order some items off the menu while bringing backup. We decided that I would bring my food, after I had checked with the place and found that the only abstinent part of the meal I could get there was protein, while no cooked or raw vegetables were available (this was the poshest place I have ever been to, and as is customary in those places, portion sizes are minimalist!). While there, I explained that I had allergies and this was safer, and that settled it. No VIP or good impression I think I should make could possibly justify eating off Greysheet.

It’s funny how the daily reading I do often coincides with what’s happening in my life. In fact, with how sparsely I’ve been posting in recent months because I’ve been so busy, it’s probably quite obvious that NOT a lot is happening in my life right now (seeing as this is my second post this week). Life flows. I have no major changes, dramas, or traumas to report – I just live. As Food for Thought says today, when we are abstinent, “we are able to function calmly and efficiently.”

  • I function: every day I’m growing in the relationships around me (having just moved here 6 months ago, that is still very fresh); I perform well at work and enjoy my job; I look after my body by walking 40 minutes on weekdays – to and from work.
  • I’m calm: somehow something has changed, as I have moved here and am establishing new relationships. I have grown in the 2.5 years that I lived in Winchester – when I arrived there I was very different to how I am today. So my new friends here only know me as I am now, without the context. And what’s happening is that I find a number of them actually looking to me as a confidante, someone to talk to, whose advice they seek and trust. I used to be the person seeking these things. Now, as my life both inside and outside has calmed so much, I am humbled and privileged to be on the giving side of the equation.
  • I’m efficient: I don’t have to obsess over things, or places, or people, any more than I do about food. That means that my mind is clearer, and my mental processes more efficient than if I was preoccupied with one thing all the time.

Sure, there are things on my mind – my job situation (right now I am powerless to do anything, all I need to do is wait for decisions to be made); my new circle of friends (who I’m growing to love more and more, which is great, except for one person who occupies my thoughts entirely too much; but even so, I do not obsess. I redirect my thoughts.)


One response to “Living calmly and efficiently

  1. Greetings from Northern California!
    I am A&G and IDENM 10 months. What a delight to find your blog. I want to invite you to join our local google group at and I wanted to ask permission to provide a link to your blog for our members’ to read. It is so supportive! We are fortunate to have 3 face-to-face meetings now, but I am a visual person who relates to written content as well as an internet junkie – so support in all mediums is helpful to me.
    I am subscribing to your RSS.
    Berkeley, CA

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