Writing Group Topic: My top 10 reasons to do Greysheet

My top 10:

10. – I’m learning what it feels like to get bored with my clothes because I’ve been wearing them year-in, year-out, for ages.

9. – I get to eat food I love, and every bite, by right, is MINE to have!

8. – I have a food budget and I can stick to it.

7. – I don’t need to join in the workplace conversations over lunch, about the latest diets. My food stays the same, every day.

6. – My food is good for my body and keeps it functioning well. I don’t eat anything I don’t intend to eat (i.e. fillers, preservatives, sodium) – it’s all fresh, not out of boxes and tins.

5. – I can still love my food! Guiltlessly.

4. – Sometimes I don’t think about food at all, in between meals. What a revelation!

3. – I don’t stick out as the fat one amongst my friends.

2. – I like what I see in the mirror!

1. – Peace: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


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