Estrogen in tap water?

I am really quite concerned about something a friend told me, I have since been researching it on the Internet to see if that was just one of those urban myths but disturbingly, I can’t find any contradictory sources… so I wonder if any of you have come across this and know what the real facts are?

My friend told me that our tap water was contaminated with estrogen (due to being re-used, it’s been through other people’s bodies and the female pill leaves residue…). It sounds like one of these outlandish stories but it actually seems to be true, according to the University of the Internet anyway. Two women I have spoken with since were having problems conceiving and their doctor told them to stay off tap water…

If it is true, some things I have experienced begin to make sense: when I moved to the UK, my periods stopped. I have not had regular periods since moving here and now I’m on the pill so as to have periods (and I really don’t want to be on it). I drink a LOT – many quarts a day – both in hot beverages and as cold water, and always from the tap. I always used to look at bottled water as such a waste of money. Now I’m really worried… if I were to drink as much bottled water as I do tap, I’d be poor! Heh… perhaps if I cut down to about 4 quarts a day, it could be sustainable…

But I was wondering if anybody knows anything definite. This is relevant to my Greysheet abstinence because I have also had so much trouble with my weight, going up and up or staying the same even though I eat incredibly simple and clean… baffling myself and my sponsor… and now I wonder if that could be one cause? I mean, after all, the pill is reported to cause weight gain so if I am ingesting estrogen (and not just a little, with the amounts I drink), wouldn’t that make sense??

I really am worried. Hope that someone perhaps has some answers. In the meantime, I don’t eat, NMW.


One response to “Estrogen in tap water?

  1. This is amazing. I am having the same exact problem except I live in DC. Try switching to tap water, you might find that it alleviates your thirst (the water might be causing your intense drinking) . My weight has also gone up 10 lbs.

    Hope you’re doing better.

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