All-or-nothing thinking

I definitely have all-or-nothing thinking, and I love the paradox of Greysheet. How can I ever explain this to a civilian if I don’t even understand, myself, why the all-or-nothing-ness of Greysheet works when in absolutely every other context this kind of thinking is unhelpful? Why does it work with Greysheet?

I think that it’s because Greysheet works with my character defect (of all-or-nothing thinking) rather than against it. Before I got abstinent, how could I have worked on my character defects while still in the food? How could I ever have got rid of my character defect while caught in the insanity of compulsive overeating?

And now, my most basic character flaw is my greatest strength. I can channel all my all-or-nothing thinking into Greysheet abstinence, where I can be as all-or-nothing as I want (as it’s my default to be), and that gives me the freedom to work on my other stuff… to let go of some control needs and perfectionism and all-or-nothing-ness. I’ll still be able to indulge that particular character defect and so I may not ever be completely perfect – I don’t consider Greysheet the perfect solution because the reality is, it is a restriction and not complete freedom – but I will not be perfect until after I’ve died, so that’s OK. I can be at peace and I can do as well as it is in my potential to do, but perfection? Never.

I suppose it’s grandiose to think I’ll ever get rid of all my character defects. I actually don’t believe it’s possible, or perhaps even desirable: Greysheet utilizing my character defect of all-or-nothing thinking is teaching me that I can make (some of) my character defects work to the good, in a positive way.

But generally, as I said, it is a negative thing. I’m struggling with exercising: either I do it, totally, or I don’t, at all. Not helpful! But even with this I’m making progress, I’ve been walking to work most days but not all days. Walking is good, and every time I do it I do something positive for myself – even if I do drive the next day. And then I walk again the day after.


3 responses to “All-or-nothing thinking

  1. I don’t consider Greysheet the perfect solution because the reality is, it is a restriction and not complete freedom

    ya think? it is the most insanely, cultishly, ruthlessly, restrictive cult that ever was

  2. I won’t delete this comment… sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. I hope you found your freedom elsewhere. For people like me – and you are obviously not like this – it is indeed freedom (such as we can have); for normal eaters, I certainly agree with your comment.

  3. Hi Susanne,

    I stumbled upon your blog while Googling (MSG and binge eating) and low and behold there you were! I’ve been reading over some of your posts and read your story and I am very curious to know what Greysheet is and how it differes from OA. I’ve been Googling a bit but perhaps you could explain the differences from a personal perspective?

    By the way – I currently live in Durham, NC. I found it fascinating that you lived here at one time. My family is all from England (mom and dad born and raised there) and I imagine it is much more exciting in the UK than it is here! 🙂

    Thanks so much..


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