Through the lens of gratitude

I suppose the topic of gratitude and viewing things through it is one I don’t tend to struggle with much – I am keenly aware of how awesome my life is and that it couldn’t be any better. I absolutely know how blessed I am in what I have, where I live, the people around me, my relationships and my situation as a whole…

Sure there is another perspective – I own nothing, I have hardly any money, I’m unmarried, I can’t eat like other people – but to be honest I see all these things as great things too, I love that I’m not tied down anywhere (through property), that I have enough money to sustain myself, that I have the freedom only singleness can give, that I know what I’m eating and I’m not obsessing about it or dieting etc. etc.

The first perspective is one I have to make myself think about, i.e. what would an outsider think of my life. The second perspective is the way I see my life. I’m grateful because I really and truly believe that my life is awesome.


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