Just doing it – writing group topic

The topic of Doing It – as someone else has said, this is so important for me as well. To do things I don’t feel like doing, but do them anyway because I know better than to go by what I “feel like”. Otherwise I wouldn’t go to work consistently, I wouldn’t do Greysheet consistently… I don’t always feel like it. The key is to understand that I can do it anyway, and that I don’t need to talk myself into a better attitude or into wanting to do it *before*. I just do it, no negotiation. Certainly that’s the case with abstinence, I don’t negotiate or wonder or try to pep-talk myself into doing it. If I don’t feel like doing it one day I just do it anyway and the next day I’m happy I did.

That lesson doesn’t readily translate into other areas, though. I wish I could learn this once and for all and then that’s it. I always struggle with exercise – and it’s exactly that, going by feelings, I don’t “feel like it” and then I never get any consistency going. When I don’t feel like it my response is to try and make myself feel like it, instead of just doing it. Will it hurt me if I do it with a bad attitude? No! But nevertheless I struggle on, even though I know this. Why am I able to do abstinence no matter what, no negotiations, but not exercise? Or other things?

The other issue is the quote that others have also highlighted, that said, “How we speak shapes how we think, and therefore what we see, and then in turn what and how we experience”. I’m finding this to be very true. What I speak reflects what I think, and I can choose that. I can choose to think positively or negatively, I can choose to dwell on certain things and not others. In fact, I can choose my attitude by how I think and talk about things. I’m becoming more and more aware of the power of my words and I’m learning – slowly and imperfectly – to keep my tongue in check…


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