Step 0: put down the food

I came to Greysheet in order to put down the food. When I came, I was so beaten by it that I didn’t try to negotiate, I didn’t try to do it my way – all I wanted was to be free from it, although I couldn’t even imagine freedom. So yes, Step 0 – put down the food – I did it, I was willing to. But the journey on GS could only continue because I then took Step 1 and admitted I was powerless. I had taken Step 0 many, many times! How many times in my dieting life had I put down the food? Only to find myself bingeing not much later? I took Step 0 all the time. But it’s the other Steps, in combination with the Greysheet food plan and my sponsor and all the tools we use, that KEPT me abstinent a day at a time.

Over time working with sponsees, I have however learned a valuable lesson. Not everyone is as willing and as beaten as I was. Not everyone who says they want to be abstinent actually wants it badly enough to follow through with the program. These are the people who pick up again and again, only to have to take Step 0 again. Other Greysheeters with many more years of abstinence than me, have told me not to waste too much energy and time on such people. Until and unless someone is ready, and has followed Step 0 with a thorough Step 1 – and 2 and 3 shortly after – we’re just wasting one another’s time and I could spend my time more fruitfully by helping another compulsive overeater who truly is ready.


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