No absolutes and being teachable

The topic… the paradox of absolutes and non-absolutes within Greysheet is its beauty, for me. GS is absolute, no two ways about it – absolute, rigid, and exact. Just what I need when it comes to food. It suits me! I think it suits me because I am a goal-oriented, practical person and I like to know what’s expected of me, then do what is required to achieve that. Simple enough, with food – or academics – or work targets – but spirituality? Sadly spirituality doesn’t work that way.

I suppose that’s because my spirituality with God as I understand him is a relationship, not a target or place to get to or enlightenment stage. It’s a dynamic, ongoing relationship that has no fixed targets. I can’t ever fully know or understand God, so I’m on a path, and that path doesn’t have tangible markers because everything about a relationship is intangible, however real! That’s my understanding for why there are no absolutes in the spiritual program. I’m only learning how to relate, both to humans and certainly to God too.

Being teachable – I think I’ve shared this before – I know I have to be wise not only whose input I value and weigh strongly, but even those whose opinions are qualified and who I respect for their expertise/thoughts/experience, aren’t always right. So I can’t go to one authoritative source. God is authoritative, sure, but he’s not an oracle that answers my questions with yes/no signs as I please to ask. I have to be taught by several sources, so that I eventually begin to filter out the chaff and get what resonates within me… submit that to God and see if I have witness for that… and that’s how I need to walk. I don’t always, of course, but that’s my understanding of how I should handle teachability in my life. As CS Lewis said, an open mind is like an open mouth, open for food – and that’s good – but once the food is in it, you need to close it around that or you’ll look like an idiot. 😉


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