Hell in the Hallway

Unbelievable how topics sometimes coincide with life… certainly this one is incredibly on target for me right now!  I am in the hallway, stuck.  Not knowing what to do. 

The situation is this: I work 50 miles from where I live.  I have made a choice to work in charity (non-profit) and accept the low wage that comes with it, because I love my job and I care for the cause.  However, with fuel and food prices as they are, I am no longer able to sustain this – a decision has to be made.  Either I move closer to work (lose my social network, and have to build new relationships) or I change jobs.  Both paths are painful to even consider.

My strategy – if it can be called that – right now is to push all possible doors, see which one opens, and NOT walk through immediately (that’s opportunism) but if/when one opens, to really pray it through and think before I step in.  I am going to look at an apartment nearby work today.

It’s the waiting that’s so hard.  The uncertainty.

But in the grand scheme, I do remember that this is a luxury problem that I wouldn’t have to face if I weren’t abstinent.  So I am grateful for the opportunity for growth, and for knowing one thing: like the next meal coming is an absolute reality I can trust, so is the fact that there will be an end to this limbo and a solution is coming.

In the meantime, I don’t eat, no matter what.


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