No matter what is vital

I am just so incredibly grateful for this program.  The concept of “no matter what” is the one key that was missing in whatever I did before.  NMW is freeing, not restricting, because I don’t have to think.

That sounds funny, but the thing is, if it’s not NMW I always have to negotiate.  That’s exactly what is stealing the peace around food I have now; the moment I start negotiating, my head begins to fill with arguments, and I’m right back to obsession about food.  If nothing at all is a reason to eat, well then, I don’t have to wonder.

Over time I’ve found just how simple it is to take food for travel, for various situations, for occasions… no elaborate preparation is needed most of the time, and again, my head is free from the back-and-forth pull I lived under for most of my life.  It’s not a question of if, but of how, and that means that I can employ my best thinking to come up with a problem solution (i.e., how) and not drive myself mad by arguing this way or that (i.e. if).  I’m a practical person, and if presented with a problem (“how will I be abstinent through this?”) I can usually come up with a pretty good answer – and if not, there are plenty of people available to ask who have done it before.

I love this community, my abstinence is not on my own but because WE DENMW.


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