Experiencing the spiritual

I think the more I try to define spirituality for myself, the harder it is to define.  It has to do with surrender, I’ve got that much… surrender to a programme (GSA), surrender to the things I cannot change, surrender to life on life’s terms.  The end of strife.

Another thing I’ve learned about it is that it’s not always pleasant, or comfortable.  I think spirituality can be terribly uncomfortable.  In the past I would think of spirituality and expect, or look for, warm fuzzy feelings.  When they weren’t there, I would doubt.  Does God really exist when I feel like I’m talking into a brass ceiling?  What does feeling really have to do with it?

But as Eileen said, spiritual and physical experience are totally linked.  Just not in the way I thought they were.  I surrender to the programme of GSA and the process is very physical.  Or take prayer, if I get on my knees then that’s physical (whether or not emotions follow).  Or when I feel the Spirit touch me in every way – emotional, physical, and spiritual – that kind of combined experience is the most profound there is.

We really are a unit, body / mind / soul.  It’s such a deep, confusing and unsearchable mystery.  I think the more I learn the less I see that I know!


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