If need be…

Today and tomorrow I’m eating pretty sub-standard food… because I haven’t had the time to prepare proper food.  I’m going back and forth between a 24 hour 3-day event we have organised at work (that’s where I am now), and study days, and I have my final exams are next week.  I’m only going to be at home for about six hours overnight tonight, before I have to go out again.  So I have prepared my food from canned and ready made stuff this morning, and my lunch and dinner today have been less than stellar and tomorrow’s are going to be no better (in fact they are 100% the same!).
And you know what, that’s OK!  I can deal with that.  In fact I’ve been amazed at how God (my higher power) has protected me today – I’ve not been hungry at all even though I’ve had to space out my meals more than usual and didn’t have the most substantial of meals.  I’m trusting for the same grace for tomorrow, but even if not – even if I do get hungry – that’s OK, because this is not how it always is.  This is an aberration in my diet of abundant, tasty, beautiful (and, dare I say it, *sexy*) food that I love and there couldn’t be anything better!
I usually eat amazing food.  I’m a compulsive overeater and I have been given the most incredible gift, to be able to love and enjoy every single bite without ever questioning, negotiating, wondering, or feeling guilty.  Every last bite of it is mine to have!
I’m so glad to be abstinent.  If I wasn’t, I would be using food to “help my energy” to get through all this, and wouldn’t experience how God meets even my physical needs because I’d be taking care of it myself.  I’m physically experiencing that I can indeed depend on my higher power.


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