Sponsors and Cambridge GS

There’s something I want to address without cross-talking because I feel it is IMPORTANT (in capital letters!!) and I’m very concerned.  Greysheet abstinence is defined as 3 weighed and measured meals per day with nothing in between but black coffee, tea or diet soda – without exceptions – committed to a sponsor.  Anything else is not Cambridge Greysheet abstinence.

The way I understand sponsoring, a qualified Greysheet sponsor is someone who: 

  • has been abstinent on the Greysheet without exceptions for 90 days or more
  • has a sponsor who has been abstinent on the Greysheet without exceptions for 90 days or more (and that person has a sponsor again, and so on, and so on)

With 90 days or more of abstinence, a Greysheeter has learned enough and experienced enough to be able to guide a newcomer.  And if I don’t know what to say to my sponsee, I refer the question to my own sponsor, who refers it to her own sponsor if necessary – until the answer is found.

I would not entrust my recovery to someone who:

  1. is not accountable (i.e. not being sponsored)
  2. makes exceptions in the food plan
  3. is unclear about what abstinence means.

I feel very strongly about this, and sorry if I’ve stepped on any toes.


One response to “Sponsors and Cambridge GS

  1. “…with nothing in between except black coffee, tea, or diet soda.”

    Does this mean if I drink water in between meals I’m not abstinent?

    Control issues, do what you need to do for you and don’t worry about anyone else.

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