A hungry day

Today I have experienced a really unusual amount of real, genuine hunger.  I think it’s because I’ve just finished taking hormones (for PCOS) that are meant to induce a period either today or tomorrow. Having had no monthly cycle for over two years now, I am not used to changes in my appetite like this!

(Whether or not those tablets have actually worked, I’ll see… right now all I have is HUNGER!)

Anyhow, I was just thinking how grateful this day makes me because I’m realising how rarely I usually think about food these days!  I hardly ever get hungry, and when I do it’s usually very near the next meal. What a gift, what a blessing of Greysheet that a hungry day is a rarity and not something I do to myself regularly to try and compensate for the debilitating binges (not that the starving ever DID compensate: I was fat!).

So, as I chew my lips and drink gallons of water and listen to my grumbling belly, I am comforted by the knowledge that this is a rare thing indeed and that there is another meal coming, and tomorrow (or the day after) I won’t be feeling like this.

Can’t wait for dinner!


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