No shortcuts

I’ve got to remember that my priorities fall in line behind the Greysheet.  Even when pressure mounts.  When my deadline approaches, work is hectic and responsibility increases, when people everywhere need me to do something I promised and I feel I have no time.  I am still doing Greysheet first.

  • This means that I contact my sponsor as agreed.  I commit my food to her.  I follow her instructions.
  • It means I don’t weigh myself except when my sponsor tells me to.
  • It also means I do service, by sponsoring, even if it sometimes feels like another pressure added.  It isn’t, in fact – it grounds me in reality and I badly need that.
  • I even continue the “extracurricular” Greysheet activities I have committed to (i.e. AWOL).
  • Above all, I do what I have committed… I eat what I have committed… I don’t do shortcuts.  Shortcuts get me off the straight path.

I need to tell myself these things, because doing it all is absolutely worth it.  Why is it worth it?

  • Food is no longer my central, 24/7 focus!  That means, all the extra pressure I’m feeling is because I now have a life.  And I WANT that life!
  • I live in a normal-size body
  • I learn what the word “integrity” means in practice: it means doing what you said you’d do, even when no one’s watching.
  • I get to have a relationship with my higher power and with other people

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