I need a no-matter-what message

I have been thinking over something I talked with a sponsee about… the need for a no-matter-what message. When I first found Greysheet, the first message I heard was, “we don’t eat, no matter what.”

We don’t eat when:

  • we are hospitalized
  • we are bored
  • we are sad
  • we are hungry in between meals
  • we are depressed
  • we have a bad day
  • we have PMS
  • our dad dies
  • money is short

I look at people with multiple years of back-to-back solid abstinence and they show me that it can be done, no matter what, at all times. My situations are not unique – somebody else has probably already done it, abstinently. There are certain meetings, like the OA ones I have been to, that keep saying, “just keep coming back.” – I need to hear NO MATTER WHAT, first.

The way I see it, until I found out about Greysheet I was in active addiction and had lost the power to choose. Now that this incredible, awesome gift has been dropped in my lap, I will do everything in my power to keep it because now I DO have a choice. I’m not powerless any more. I have the power to choose whether I want to pick up or not, and I keep close to long-term Greysheeters who show me that there is never a need to pick up, and I also keep close to desperate newcomers who are willing to grab on to this lifeline with all they’ve

For me, this fellowship works because it tells me, WE DON’T EAT, NO MATTER WHAT, JUST FOR TODAY.

Thank you for telling me that I don’t have to eat. I needed to hear this, because I didn’t know it.


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