A spirituality that works

What really stood out to me was how a group of drunks, the least in this world, would together discover something that is – in my humble opinion – nothing short of God-inspired.  Then again, looking at the prophets of old, they weren’t usually the most kosher of characters either.  A spirituality that works, taking from various traditions whatever was actually born out in reality, is what I believe all human beings are after… but we’re too trapped in our own baggage, background, and views to really come to this question with fresh eyes.  Bill certainly didn’t, nor anyone else I believe can ever… but in the group, many views were accepted and came together, in a melting pot.  Something bigger than the sum of its parts, and it was only possible as a GROUP, no single individual could have dreamed it up.

For me, I have found in Christianity the relationship with God that I never thought I wanted or needed and which has made me into a completely new human being in a way I could never have anticipated.

Yet at the same time, I recognize that there are black-and-white issues, and then there are also gray ones.  The black-and-white ones are easily defined and I agree with them completely, but there are occasions when I have learned that I must trust my own wisdom, or turn to other sources of wisdom, to arrive at what works for me.  Nobody’s truth is my entire truth.  I have to pick nuggets of truth as it applies to ME from various different sources.  A good example is GS.

There is so much truth here, in the program, yet no “civilian” will ever truly understand.  And GS’ers will never truly understand my spirituality, not fully anyway.  There are those who share my faith AND the GS, and that is an incredible thing to be able to share and “get” each other on that level, yet our relationships with God and with food are so intimate and deep that there is always an individuality we won’t get about each other.  AA says the Alcoholic is “terminally” unique, but I believe there’s also a positive understanding of uniqueness.  I’m not like you.  I’m me.  Yet we share lots of attributes.

Don’t know why I’m going on about this.  I love that spirituality is about imperfection, not perfection (something I do understand on a very deep level), that I am approved and accepted not because I have been perfect, but because God is and has given me HIS perfection in his eyes.  And isn’t it funny that the Greysheet is actually ALL about perfection (4.0, etc.)?  Yet the most spiritual practice I do on a daily basis, three times a day.  Just a thought.


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