The evolution of my Greysheet meals

Well, as for me, I have experimented around a little bit but I have always stayed away from foods that imitate binge foods too much.  Like that pretend Snickers-bar – I know it would not be a healthy thing for me, so I’ve never even tried it (even when I had a sponsor who allowed soy nut butter).

When I first got abstinent, the one thing that kept me abstinent was looking forward to my stellar, amazing, incredible breakfast – that kept me from eating in the evening!  (it was simply 4 oz. soy nut butter, with some splenda, and a Red Delicious apple in sections).  I can’t have that any more, which is very sad, but with the way my body has been gaining weight lately it would probably be the last thing it needs!

I have always made sure that I love my meals and eat what I enjoy.  There was a time in 2006 when I was getting frustrated with the lack of weight loss, and together with drifting away from the GS community and people around me pressing me to give up GS, that led to a relapse over the summer of 2006.  I have learned my lessons – regarding all of these things – but when it comes to food now, I try to make every meal a good one and yet because of my weight I also try to watch it – it’s a tension I have to live with.

I tend to eat the same thing over and over again and I don’t mind that.  I always used to binge on the same foods, too.  If I like something, I’ll eat it, and I don’t get tired of things easily!  So I have a regular menu that I keep to, pretty much, day in and day out.  Saturday is my LOVE-FOOD day, when I eat things I don’t allow myself too much of during the week, because of the weight.

I have to say my diet probably hasn’t changed very much since I first got abstinent, I have always cooked once a week and then eaten it for that week, and usually I wouldn’t make anything twice in the same way.  I ate meat loaf (ground beef & egg & spices) as my protein for many months, getting different flavours by spicing it differently.

My staple diet today is canned fish for lunch together with turnip or brussels sprouts cooked in the microwave, dinner is usually ground meat (which I cook by simply frying it in a pan, again with spices – the days of meat loaf are over, it’s too much work!) with an egg sunny side up on top of roasted vegetables, again either turnips or brussels sprouts or occasionally green beans.  Breakfast at work is 2 eggs cooked in the microwave (I make them sweet, and add instant coffee – sounds extremely weird but it tastes good! – I’d hate non-sweet breakfasts) with an apple.

On Saturdays, things are different: I eat lots of soy that day, as I absolutely love TVP and all the things you can make with it.  So my breakfast is a baked TVP loaf and 1/2 cantaloupe (volume!), lunch and dinner are winter squash (I don’t eat much of that in the week because I only get 4 oz.!) mixed with yogurt and tvp chunks, sweetened, with cinnamon on top.  Awesome!

Every so often I’ll try something new and if I like it I’ll stick to it for the next months.  It’s been really good to read everyone’s shares and be inspired… and to know that some eat simple, others complicated, and it’s all valid.


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