Table manners

Having grown up in a home where nobody cared how I ate (I never knew how to properly hold cutlery until I moved in with my aunt at age 15, and was taught the most basic table manners), table manners are somewhat, er, flexible to me.  Because I eat my salad out of deep tupperwares, I know my tongue won’t reach so I don’t tend to lick… hehe… I do however use my fingers.

At work I have bought a spatula now to scoop out the very last bits.  It’s not about abstinence, I’m not afraid I won’t be abstinent if a drop of oil is left in the container, but it’s about the fact that I have weighed it and it tastes great and I WANT every LAST bit of it, and it is RIGHTFULLY MINE!

I actually had a funny situation the other week, at the homeless Shelter where I volunteer I was eating breakfast (yogurt & fruit) out of a tupperware, and as I was scooping out the last of it with my finger, one of the guys said to me, “I bet you can’t reach the bottom of this with your tongue!” – LOL – but I didn’t take the challenge.

One thing I don’t like about my own table manners is how fast I eat.  I can’t stop myself.  When I get to eat, I wolf it down!  It’s impossible to stop myself.  I wish I could slow down and chew slower, but it’s so frustrating – when it tastes good (and even if it doesn’t), it’s like an eating switch is switched on and I go for it.  This behaviour doesn’t threaten my abstinence, since I’ve always done it and have yet maintained my abstinence, it’s just something I wish I could control and at the same time a powerful reminder that I am totally a CO and have no control.


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