I’m Susanne, a compulsive overeater enjoying an abstinent life today because I weigh my 3 meals off the CGS, write them down, commit them to my sponsor, and eat nothing else no matter what.  That’s my #1 priority today.

That’s the mantra I write out each time I email the Greynet.  The reason I do this is because it helps me to remember – like saying something out loud makes it more real, so does writing it out for me.  It reinforces something, takes it out of my head into black-and-white, staring me back in the face.  I am really and truly privileged to have found this solution, and by writing out my mantra I put down what exactly it is that gives me this freedom.  So simple.

The truth is, this is a staggeringly simple solution.  Not easy – but simple.  Three meals a day, nothing in between, a list to choose foods from; what could be simpler?  I don’t have to think about it… I don’t have to figure out amounts, figures, calories, fat grams, points, or anything else – I just pick from my list, anything I want in any combination I want.

Thank you God for giving me the willingness to embrace this program with everything I have – it gives me a life worth living!


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