’tis the season…

… to celebrate that I still fit into my dirndl dress!

Hello friends,

my name is Susanne and I’m a compulsive overeater, abstinent today because I get to weigh my 3 meals off the CGS, write them down, commit them to my sponsor, and eat nothing else no matter what.  That’s my #1 priority today.

We had our office Christmas lunch today.  I chose abstinent protein from the menu (asked for it to be served plain) and ate my own salad and cooked vegetables.  They also served fruit as a starter and as dessert, most of which was abstinent fruit, and I packed it for tomorrow’s breakfast.  That’s how to get extra mileage out of these occasions, hehe!

As with the last Christmas ‘do I went to, there was no problem whatsoever.  I sat right next to our CEO, who asked whether I was on a really strict diet, and I replied that I avoid sugars, grains and starches.  That settled it – most of the time, people are simply trying to make conversation.  Having asked the question, and received a friendly yet short answer, it’s easy to then move on to the next small talk item.

The fun thing with this lunch was that my team of four, who are all from different places, each dressed up on our “national garb”: the Indian lady with a Sari, the Bolivian lady with an incredibly colourful one-piece garment, the boss as the quintessential Englishman, and myself in an Austrian dirndl.  I had not worn this in years, and the beauty of it is that I didn’t need to worry whether I’d fit into it or not!  (However having said that, I did put on 7.7 lbs. since August and so had to sit there with my tummy held in throughout… which isn’t easy after a GS meal!)

I’ve changed back into normal clothes now. 😉

I’m so grateful for the peace of mind and serenity this program gives me.  I spent the lunch having interesting conversations with the people sat around me, not obsessing over food.  I knew that if they couldn’t serve what I needed, I had backup, and my food was absolutely delicious.

High-days and holy days, I embrace the gift I have in abstinence – NMW!


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