Biggest & Best & Letting go

This month I weighed in 2.2 lbs. up.  This has been a continuing trend, I have been putting on weight since August, having put on a total of 5.5 lbs. in that time.  This month, my sponsor took action and adjusted my food.

It’s tough – I am having to cut down, yet I am also uncomfortable enough with this weight gain to actually WANT to cut down.  Of course, while preparing and eating my food, that fact is in the background, and at that time I know I’ll miss what I let go of.  But in between meals, miracle of miracles, I’m no hungrier than normal.  I have got to trust that I will be taken care of.

Not sure how to put this.  I do want to get those 5.5 lbs off (and more).  Yet I also want to eat.  That’s my fundamental problem, LOL!  It’s humbling, a lot like early abstinence, the way I have to surrender my greed at every single mealtime.  God help me.


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