Seasonal eating

I’m not sure what this week’s topic is, but one of the recent topics discussed was all the gorging festivals of the season.  Somehow, winter is the traditional time to overeat.  I have heard many rationalisations for this – that it’s because we wear lots of clothes and it doesn’t seem to matter as much (nobody’s going to see me in a bikini anytime soon), or that it’s because the body needs more or heavier food to cope with winter (which, in our day & age, is a rather thin excuse).

For normal eaters, this may indeed be the time to eat heavy or more than normal.  These are the people who say in summer, oh, it’s too hot to eat. (huh? – incomprehensible concept for me).  Some people may really be seasonal in their eating.

I know that I’m not.  I will overeat in summer and in winter – possibly on different sugar stuffs, but I will overeat nonetheless.  I don’t lose my appetite when it’s hot any more than I do when it’s cold, when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m sick… I just don’t lose my appetite any more than I could lose my shadow!

Because normal eaters tend to be seasonal in their eating, however, we have those eating-based festivities in winter.  It’s the season to eat for them, and it’s the season to build abstinent muscle for me.  In this country, we don’t really do Halloween or Thanksgiving, which really means that only Christmas is an issue.  I am going to attend several Christmas events (for charity, as that’s my work) and I am humbly grateful that my biggest worry about them is not what I will eat there, how I can eat more than everyone else without them noticing, or how I can get out of there quickly after the function so I can drop by a grocery store to continue the binge.  Instead, my biggest worry about those functions is that they cost me money I don’t have, but I’ll cope with that.

I go to those functions with my scale and will eat whatever is abstinent, because after all I’m paying; I have no problem bringing out my scale in public in front of high-profile individuals any more than in front of homeless people.  It’s part of me, it’s what I do, and I would be MUCH more ashamed of myself if I sat there weighing 200 lbs. and stuffing my face.  The scale?  Not even an issue!

I am privileged that I get to do this.  And I do it no matter what!


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