Back from the US

I arrived safely, and my bag with me (that’s not something I take for granted!!). As I estimated I was home at about midnight, I did have to walk – it’s 30 minutes uphill, so I got a good workout from pulling that suitcase. But even though I would have been willing to pay for a bus, they weren’t going… after all, it was late night on a Sunday.

As I thought, work is busy today, lots of stuff to catch up with. But positive news have transpired already! They have agreed to fund half of my marketing course!!! That is very, very good news. They are asking me to sign a contract saying that if I leave within a year I will have to pay it back, but that’s standard business practice, it’s OK.

But I have to get back to work! I’m going to send out an email shortly, a long one to my friends and to Greynet, and I’ll copy you in on those. There is so much to tell, those two weeks, I’m still putting my emotions, thoughts and experiences together in my head. So much. So good.


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