Checking in from LA

I just wanted to check in because I have the opportunity – grab it when I can 🙂

I arrived here yesterday after a 3-hour delay on the plane, thank goodness I had my dinner packed.  Fourteen hours on a plane, in the middle seat, it wasn’t pretty!  And I’m afraid my food was pretty smelly so I can’t have been the easiest person to sit next to, either.  But hey, gotta do what we’ve gotta do!  I was surprised how well I did in terms of hunger, being that I gained eight hours in my day and had to space out my meals accordingly.  I expected to be a lot hungrier than I turned out to be.  I suppose it’s all in the mind – because my expectation was that I wouldn’t eat for this long in between meals, it was OK.  Yes I was hungry, but the experience wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Anyway, I eventually made it to LA and was picked up at the airport by my host, a lovely single mom with her daughter, who took me straight to a grocery store and then home to sleep off my jetlag. 😉 So I’m sorted for food, and this evening the week kicks off with a City Celebration (it’s a church conference) – I already went to church this morning and one couple I know from New York are already there, so it was great to see them again… I haven’t been in the States in two years, so there’s going to be a lot of reunions.  So many people I know will be there, and I can’t wait.

I’m also keenly aware of the dangers of being around people like this – that’s to say, of concentrating so much on being with them that I feel awkward about my food and my needs.  It’s yet another way I learn to build abstinent muscle.  I have to plan ahead and make my food ahead of time, and then carry it along… or, eat before or after get-togethers and events.

In any case, I’m doing this NMW – even this week, which is momentous to me!  Routine days, momentous days… when it comes to food, there’s no difference.


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