Breathing… I tend to look at simple things like this and think, it can’t make a difference, it’s too easy, it’s a natural function.  It’s not radical enough to make a difference.

But I’ve found lately that when I do my yoga (every three days, I end my abs workout with a sun salutation – yes, just one), even though the whole thing takes me less than three minutes, I feel so much more energised afterwards.  Sure, it’s not just the breathing but also the stretching etc. but the breathing is certainly an important part.  Normally, as the book suggests, I am completely unaware of my breathing, but I think it’s a good idea to try and become aware of it at various times in the day and to make sure I breathe more deeply.

A random thought: the first thing that came into my mind where the reading talked about breathing being the link between autonomous and voluntary systems was my mother’s death – this is exactly what she died from.  She had Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), which slowly paralyzes all the *voluntary* muscles… and in the end, you suffocate because breathing is voluntary.

Anyway, on that cheery note… I’m off to the States!


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