Still a big eater

In planning my flight meals for my USA trip (a 12-hour flight…) I’m once again reminded that I have definite preferences within Greysheet, and am intensely grateful that I am allowed to have those and not feel guilty about it.

What I mean is this: most Greysheeters take “travel food”, i.e. small items that travel well.  Half-size proteins, and 1-oz. abstinent cooked veg.  I do not do this.

You see, I’m a big eater – and yes, if pinch came to shove I COULD and WOULD eat these things – but the situation is not that desperate.  In fact I’d have to be really desperate to eat half-size anything (oh, the horror of that mini-cooked-veg!).  I LIKE eating, and I want to eat as much as I possibly can!  Greysheet gives me a luxurious amount of food, and still, after every meal I could easily eat another of the same size.  And quite possibly another one after that.  I’m all about amounts.

So, as I plan my meals for the flight, I choose not to use standard “GS travel food”.  And I refuse to feel bad about that.


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