I have been receiving lots and lots of messages, emails, and such from friends all over the world (non-GS’ers, I mean).  I feel very, very loved and blessed.  Personally I don’t tend to prioritise my birthday at all – funny, on Sunday my friend Joy asked me if I was counting down the days and I said yes, only two weeks to go! (thinking of my trip to America)… while she was referring to my birthday which I’d totally forgotten about.

My friends here have been organising something for this evening, too.  I’m so blessed that they know my GS abstinence, respect it, and build their “surprise” for me around that.  We’re going to meet at 7:30pm tonight, which means I’ll already have eaten dinner, and “go from there” (is what they said) – that way, I can be relaxed, go wherever and do whatever they have in store for me, enjoying the time rather than worry about food and backup and so on.


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