Humility & Compassion

I’ve been feeling increasingly uneasy about my own lack of humility and compassion.  I suppose becoming aware of something is the first step to working on it.  But I must admit that the way I sometimes look at people, and the way I feel about myself sometimes, it’s not pretty.  It’s so easy to forget where we’ve come from.  Now, because my life works and I function and the food is no longer my master, I sometimes begin to feel that “I’ve got it together”.  The truth is, I don’t.

It helps me to remember where I’ve come from.  Stories of other compulsive overeaters bring back memories that would rather stay hidden.  I need that kind of thing – this is a WE program.

I’m not a nice, likeable, humble, loving, compassionate person.  The longer I am abstinent, the more I get to know myself and I see that I am a proud, cold, rash person.  The good news is that because I remain abstinent despite these findings, I have a chance to work on those defects.  Or rather, a chance to submit these character defects to change and transformation which it itself a miraculous gift from God, just like abstinence itself.


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