One Day at a Time

This morning, I have read:
“How fortunate we are, those of us who share this program for living! Our worries about the future are over, if we want them to be. We need to take only one step at a time. One day at a time. And always in the care of God. Relief from our lives of worry is immediate when we live the axiom, “Let go and let God.””
— from Each Day a New Beginning, AA Conference approved literature

How timely… just yesterday I was thinking about gum again and how on Earth would I live without it for the rest of my life.  The next thought was: but no – just don’t have any today!  I thank God on my knees every morning for the sanity this program has shown me.  As a constant planner, I love the concept of one day at a time!

It also works when people, with the best intentions, try to get me off the program.  To the argument that I can’t possibly do this for the rest of my life, I simply reply that I only do this today.

And it’s true – I can worry about tomorrow when it comes!  Today I’m abstinent, no matter what.  Yes, of course I intend to be abstinent tomorrow, but really, I don’t HAVE TO be abstinent tomorrow.  Why?  Because tomorrow is merely a concept – today is real.  Today I’m abstinent.


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