Gum is down

I posted the other day about gum being out of control.  Thank you so much to those who replied, experiences are so different.  I find gum useful when the choice is between gum and eating – to keep from eating, I will do whatever it takes.  In those times I accept the out-of-controlness regarding gum.  But I can’t live like that long-term – I had to let it go.

I surrendered it, and one GS’er who replied reminded me that I can ask God in the morning to give me the strength not to touch it, just like I do with food.  Why that hadn’t occurred to me yet, I don’t know!  So I have been doing that and the gum’s been down.  It helps me to have a little bottle of Listerine in my bag though, if I do want to have some freshness then that is the best thing.

So once again I’m grateful for this group and the experience that has gone before me!  I won’t eat, no matter what, and for today the gum is down.


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