Back from my trip

I went to Dresden first. There, I stayed with friends – a young family with two little kids of 3 yrs and 3 months – who knew what I do beforehand and who were fine with me simply using their kitchen. The first thing they did upon my arrival was to take me grocery shopping. We shared our meals, at least I usually shared the protein and some of the cooked veggies, while taking care of anything I needed “extra”, myself. So, food-wise, everything went easy and well!

What I found difficult was how to fill my time. I went in order to get to know them better, spend some time with them, build friendship; but their lifestyle being so different from mine, as she is a stay-at-home mom and he works. I stayed with her all day. I’m not a child lover, not a hater either – I’m simply not bothered, but they are work. I had no structured time except for the meals, and found it really difficult… we had good conversations at times, but not all the time and I ended up being extremely bored, reading books… couldn’t go out much because the weather was terrible and I didn’t want to spend any money. Eventually I found a way to be useful and use time, by translating some material from English to German that they needed – it was a great service to them and for me, it simply filled the emptiness. They are lovely people, but I was relieved to go.

Then I took the night bus down to Vienna. I’d been a bit apprehensive about not sleeping all night, would I be hungry? But I wasn’t – even though I never slept – my body apparently knows by now 🙂

Then, I was completely without Internet while in Vienna, for five days. It’s never easy being there but I had as good a time as possible, thanks to being abstinent. The sheer negativity of Vienna surprises me again each time and I know I’ll need a couple of days to recover from that. But I was, and am, abstinent!


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