In Germany

I’m in Germany right now, staying at a friend’s house, and I’m not stealing their food. They know what I do, have bought ample provisions before I arrived (Greysheet is so simple… I said, as long as you have meat, veggies and fruit I will be OK!) and have taken me shopping too. I am having no problem here at all, we eat together at the family table and I simply add extra salads to my meal. What freedom.

I’m finding that it is this time of year again, though – has started here, in England it will shortly get there – where the cold drives me nuts. It’s fairly cold here and they are not yet heating the house… they are fine, but I am suffering. It’s as if, once I’ve got cold, I cannot shake it and there is no way for me to get warm again. Winters, to me, are long, drawn-out periods of pain, ever since I lost my weight. The fact that winter is coming fills me with dread.

I am already wearing three layers inside the house, and it’s only September. I wonder if this is normal, nobody else seems to suffer as much. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? How do you cope with cold?? There’s only so much coffee/tea a person can drink… Anyway, be that as it may, I will NOT fatten up again because I am abstinent on
the Greysheet today, no matter what.


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