If I had only 6 months to live

Here in the UK, the death of one woman has been in the news. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and told she had six months to live. Her response to this news was to use the time she had to the max – she began training, and completed several marathons and even triathlons, raising £2 million ($4 million) in the following seven years… and didn’t die until seven years after being told she had six months!

It made me think what my reaction to such news would be. If I only had six months, and was told with such certainty that this was all I had… would I eat? I am very tempted to say I probably would. People like this woman inspire me to think that perhaps, maybe, there might be some slim chance I might try to make the most of my time, like her. But I don’t know. If I was on death row, would I eat? I think so. If I was about to die, would I eat? Probably. Why, because I wouldn’t have a life to lose if I considered it already lost.

On the other hand, speculations like this are academic, until it happens to me there is no way of knowing my real reaction. I have no doubt that if I were on my own, I would go for the food; but because I have this program and this community, I know I would have a place to go, wisdom to draw upon, support. I would truly learn the meaning of “One Day At A Time” and “Just For Today”. And maybe, just maybe, I would remain sane (abstinent) until the end.


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