Travels & life

I’m about to go on the first of two trips (this one, and then America in November) – this Thursday I fly out to Dresden, Germany for a few days and five days later will go from there to Vienna to see my family for a few days. I’m packed and ready, as I tend to plan ahead a lot! Got my plastic picnic cutlery for the plane (learned the hard way that they don’t necessarily have plastic forks on board!), and will try to eat my lunch on board.

I said try, because with the way airline rules change, I can only hope they will allow me to take my food in. Water, I know, is not allowed to be taken through security (but an empty water bottle is fine, which I will then refill in the bathrooms), and I have previously taken food on flights. But I haven’t flown in a few months and they keep changing rules.

In any case, it’s only a 2-hour flight so if I can’t eat on it, I will eat immediately afterwards.

Travel CAN be done abstinently, and in fact I’ve found that abstinence takes the hassle – as well as much of the cost!! – out of traveling. I mean, I’ve never been one to just eat “anything”… grab a bite somewhere… no. I was always either on a special diet (in which finding acceptable food would be a huge endeavour) or I was binging on everything in sight (in which case the overpriced airport food would put a huge strain on my budget)!

Abstinence takes planning and commitment, no question. But is it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!


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