I have a lot of travelling coming up and, as we say, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. Well I don’t plan to fail! But between moving, going away for 3 days for work, travelling to Germany and Austria and later on travelling to CA, VA, NY and CT (all in one trip!), I feel like I really need to sort out my plans as soon as possible.

SO… I have already organised a temp sponsor for my travels to Germany and Austria, and before and after the trip I will actually go to the GS meetings in London – to build up strength. For my USA trip, I will spend a day and two nights with the Greysheet community in CT, and being in touch with my sponsor shouldn’t be a problem. And of course I’ll visit a meeting or two in the 3 days I’m in NYC.

The one thing I have yet to sort out is my time in Los Angeles. It’s still a long time off – I’ll arrive on Saturday, November 3 – but I’d really like to sort out what I’ll do that weekend. Are there GS meetings on Sunday or Monday lunchtime? (The conference I’m going to starts Monday afternoon), and, more importantly, does anyone there have a bed or sofa for me for that Saturday and Sunday night (11/3 and 11/4)?

I have actually been hosted by a wonderful Greysheeter before, two years ago, in LA. It was such a beautiful experience to see someone committed to abstinence in the middle of family life, too – as a single person, I feel like I have it really easy 🙂

I’d very, very much appreciate it and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to all those meetings!!!


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