If you work it

I like the way we end the Serenity Prayer after meetings: “… it works if you work it and don’t eat no matter what!”

I think this really sums up why and how this program works. The program is not magic. I can’t be abstinent because my sponsor wants me to be, she can’t make me. I have to work the program myself. I have to do the work!

“Working it” to me means that my program is bigger than telling my food to my sponsor and weighing it out. That’s only the foundation. The program itself works into every part of my life because it changes ME, not just what I DO. My attitude needs to change. I need to develop gratitude, an attitude of gratitude, because if I’m not grateful for what I have been given and I take it for granted, I know I’m headed for a crash.

And I have been given so much. A loving sponsor whom I trust – in fact I trust my Higher Power to work through my sponsor – and whose suggestions I follow. If she tells me to make a call, I make a call. That’s submitting my will. I need to let go of my will in more areas than just food. I need to submit my will to God, but I learn how to submit my will through my daily interactions with my sponsor (as well as other people I choose to submit to, in the church).

How can I not be grateful? Gratelessness is so easy for me. When I focus on what I want, on me-me-me, then my gratefulness fades. I have to choose what I will focus on, and if I focus on what I HAVE, rather than what I WANT, and when I focus on OTHER people rather than on ME, suddenly I see the richness of all the gifts I’ve been given.

Today, I’m grateful.

Oh, and we end the meetings by saying “…and don’t eat no matter what!” – and I say AMEN! Bottom line of it all is I don’t eat, no matter what.


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