I’m feeling almost guilty to complain about this, but I’m struggling with hormones!! I have PCOS and have not had a period in 18 months, so for all this time I have not had to struggle with this – and I’m not used to it! Now I’ve been put on the pill to bring on the period, because the body needs that, and it looks like the hormones are kicking in: I’ve just finished my first month on the pill.

I know others face this every month… but it feels new to me, I haven’t really had food thoughts in a looooong time… no real struggles, just happy to be abstinent… but the past few days have been difficult with food thoughts and random “let’s just pop this into my mouth” thoughts cropping up. Being irritated with everything and everyone doesn’t help, either. I feel like I’m having 18 months of PMS condensed into one!

I do what I need to do, of course, I pray, reach out, tell on the disease. But beyond that, I’m wondering, has anyone found a good way to minimise PMS? I mean, I’d rather not go through this again next month, or at least not THAT STRONG!! There must be some sort of home remedies… green tea? Vitamins? Please tell me there’s an alternative to shutting myself away from the world (and from food!) once a month…


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